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Colored Jungle Asuka :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 30 22 CORELINE: Jungle Asuka. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 31 22 Jungle Asuka: Hunter-Gatherer. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 25 2
CORELINE: Cave Dives And Revelations.
++Professional Log of Shinji Ikari, Day 37, Entry 14++
++Research of the ruins present on Venus continues to go much more quickly, thanks almost entirely to the assistance and knowledge of my associate, a young woman who has lived in the jungles for as long as she can remember.
My associate has shown me ancient, long derelict structures present in the jungles that neither I nor any other archeologist to date had even suspected existed there. One thing about her is certainly clear, the tribe of native beings who adopted her in her early childhood did indeed know many of the secrets of the Venusian jungles.
In any event, the tour of the local ruins she was kind enough to take me on has been extremely fascinating, and may provide enough material for an entire book, let alone a paper.
As impossible as it may seem now, some of the writing on the ruins I’ve managed to translate indicates that Venus was once the home of an advanced civilization. The cause of its fall remains a mystery,
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 4 4
CLINE: A Venusian First Encounter.
++Personal Log of Shinji Ikari, Day 3, Entry 1++
++Well, I'm starting up my own personal journal. I have a "professional" one, of course, but there are things I guess I just feel the need to get out that I probably shouldn't put in there. And since I'm all alone here, the only way to vent is to write things down.
Might be best to start at the beginning, huh, journal? Well, I should be starting my freshman year at Oxford right about now, taking Dr. Henry Jones's introductory archeology class. Instead, I'm on the planet Venus, starting a one-man "expedition" to investigate the ruins here.
It was Mother's idea. She's on her own research trip here. Right now she's about 150 kilometers from my own tiny outpost, collecting samples of native flora and fauna.
Don't get me wrong, the ruins look absolutely fascinating. I know a lot of other students of archeology would *love* to get an opportunity like this, and I'm not ungrateful for the chance.
It's just that I'm so *alone* out here, and frank
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 8 4
Doc Vince: Jungle Get-up 1 :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 26 16 Doc Vince: Jungle Get-up 2 :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 14 1
CORELINE: Doc Vince 5
When Doc Vince first started to wake up, she didn’t immediately know where she was. All she knew was that she was sitting in an uncomfortable seat, and that she didn’t seem to be in the cargo hold of the zeppelin she had recently stowed away in.
Then she heard the cry of an animal in the distance, and that startled her into greater wakefulness.
Which immediately caused it all to come rushing back to her. The attack by the air pirates on the zeppelin, her work to repel them, stealing one of their planes, and then crashing into the jungle.
“Damn it,” she grumbled, rubbing her face. “This is just too damn familiar.”
Looking about, she quickly took stock of her situation. Though she felt pretty battered and bruised, she didn’t seem to be seriously injured in any way, which was both rather miraculous and a definite plus.
The same could not be said about the propeller plane. The aircraft had actually never completed its plummet to the ground, having
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 1 1
CORELINE: Doc Vince 4
The skies above Venus tended to be a fairly busy place, which actually wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone who knew the planet well enough.
The cities which dotted Venus, providing small islands of civilization on mostly untamed world, were all quite a distance from one another, without exception.
Roads linking the settlements simply didn’t exist; even discounting the possibility of dinosaurs or other giant beasts damaging them, it would have taken an unrealistically huge amount of manpower to regularly cut back the Venusian plant life, which was every bit as aggressive as the planet’s fauna, in its own way. That coupled with the dangers of the jungles made travelling across land from one city to another not just difficult but practically suicidal, unless one set out with a *very* heavily armed group.
Traversing Venus’s rivers and seas was possible, but not all the cities had natural waterways between them. Also, since any large body of water on the wild planet
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 2 5
CORELINE: Doc Vince 3
Among the many incredible gifts that Maria “Doc Vince” Vincennes had been blessed with, her goods looks were easily the most obvious, and the one people noticed most.
Sometimes it annoyed the blonde that her other talents received a relatively small amount of attention as a result, but most of the time she just accepted that it was simply inevitable and a fact of her life. Doc Vince possessed a stunning natural beauty so remarkable that even when she wore frumpy clothes and put a bare minimum of effort into her appearance, she could easily outshine other women who were dressed to the nines and had spent the last few hours at the beauty parlor.
On the rare occasions that *she* went to that kind of trouble, well, that just wasn’t fair.
Or at least, that was what the women who had their thunder effortlessly stolen by the stunning blonde thought. For her own part, Doc Vince would be quick to point out to anyone that while, yes, her sparkling golden hair and the porcelain
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 3 1
CORELINE: Doc Vince 2
If she was being honest with herself, Doc Vince would’ve had to admit that she was… tired of her life on Venus.
She didn’t plan on leaving yet; there was still a lot work to be done before she’d consider her personal ledger balanced and herself free to get on with her life. It was mostly her progress she was displeased with.
All her life, Doc Vince had been about big projects, big ambitions. Now that she wanted to do good, she wanted to do it on a big scale, and she wanted to do it now.
Unfortunately, she was just now realizing how much help she’d had from others in achieving her previous goals, despite doing her best to be self sufficient in all things. People had recognized her enormous talent and expected great things of her, and she had done her best to oblige. Others would help her in her endeavors, wanting to claim prestige or a part of the credit when she achieved greatness.
Things didn’t work like that on Venus. It was hard to do much of any
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 1 9
CORELINE: Doc Vince 1
The loading dock was a bustle of activity, with burly workers moving to and fro, carrying crates and performing other tasks, great pieces of machinery driving through the aisles between the stacked up boxes, and profanities constantly flying through the air, either because somebody hurt himself or they just didn't like hard work.
It wasn't exactly the kind of place where Gunter would ever normally bring a lady—and he definitely considered Susie, who'd been a good friend of his late mother, to be a lady—but in this case, the circumstances almost made it a necessity.
"Are you sure she's around here, Gunter?" Susie asked, squinting as she gazed at the far end of the huge room. "You don't think the company let her go, do you?"
Normally, this would've been a very legitimate concern. Like a lot of the companies on Venus, it wasn't unusual for Cytherean Industries to see business in short, frantic spurts separated by long slow periods for one reason or another (usually because the c
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 1 1
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CORELINE: Introducing Jungle Mari :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 18 5
Ultrawoman Hiroe's Sports Bikini :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 17 4 Ultrawoman Hiroe :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 12 1 Wendy Martial Arts COLORED :iconsatriobp:Satriobp 61 15

Should I make a Justice League comprised of Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita and her friends in my fanfiction story Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita? 

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Akihisa The Flash and Giganta Yuuko
This is a sweet and loving and romantic moment shared between Akihisa Yoshii who is the Flash in my Fanfiction story and Yuuko Kinoshita who is Giganta in my story I worked really long and hard on it so I hope you all like it and if you all do then please feel free to favorite, Download and leave a comment telling me what you think and as always if you are new and interested in reading my Fanfiction then you can check it out here on deviantart in my art gallery or go here and read it…

Also feel free to check out the flash animation adaptations of my Fanfiction done Jackurai here are the links just click on the dialogue bubbles to watch the animations.  Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita episode 1 by Jackurai   Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita- Episode 2 by Jackurai

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

(Third person P.O.V.)

After watching the news report on the TV in the hospital waiting room area, Yuuko immediately realized that she quickly needed to find a place where nobody could see her so that she could change into her outfit and become Giganta. Fortunately for her, that would not be too hard to do as people were now being evacuated from the hospital by all of the hospital's staff, and also by police and JSDF members to a safe location so that nobody would get hurt, or worse, killed by Professor Shioda shooting missiles from his giant robot, or from any other weapons that the robot might have.

Yuuko made her way out of the hospital, making sure not to be spotted or to run into any cops or JSDF members who were evacuating people out of the hospital and large parts of the city. After making her way outside, Yuuko then began to dart through crowds of people who were being evacuated, but after about ten minutes she made it out and found an empty alleyway with a corner in it which led to a wooden fence. This alleyway was perfect for her to go into to change into her outfit and become Giganta.

Yuuko quickly hid behind the corner with the wooden fence and then summoned her outfit. She ran out of the alleyway and into the middle of the empty street. Like before, she used her will activate her powers and become a giant, stopping at 75 feet tall. She began to make her way towards Professor Shioda's location, the ground shaking with every step.

Giganta soon spotted Professor Shioda's giant robot. The robot's exterior paint job was a black and red. It stood at 90 feet tall, had horns on its head, a visor where the eyes would be, Professor Shioda, who was piloting the giant robot was waiting for Giganta to show up

"Are you looking for me, Professor Shioda?! Well, here I am!" Giganta said loudly. The professor then turned his giant mecha around and saw Giganta with her arms crossed and a serious expression on her face.

"Well, if it isn't the giant bitch who locked me up!" Professor Shioda said, irritation evident in his voice.

"Yeah, and I'm going to lock you up again, because that is where you belong," Giganta proclaimed seriously.

"Oh, come now. Spare me the corny heroic speeches of yours so I can get to killing you, already, 'Not-So-Little-Miss-High-and-Mighty'!" Professor Shioda said, annoyed.

After Professor Shioda finished his sentence, he fired a blast from the laser cannon in his giant robot's visor, trying to catch Giganta off guard, but thankfully, Giganta avoided it by shrinking and then the growing back to 75 feet. She quickly picked up a few cars and threw them as hard as she could at Professor Shioda's giant robot in retaliation, almost as if they were shuriken.

The thrown cars hit the robot's visor dead center, destroying its laser cannon and camera vision system, making the machine stumble around blindly, waiting for its backup vision systems to kick in so that its pilot could fight correctly once more. Once it did, the Professor was met with a hard right hook to the head of his giant robot from Giganta which sent his robot reeling back, making it fall.

After the robot picked itself up to face Giganta once again, two giant double-edged sword blades that were built into the robot's arms came out. The Professor was intent on using the dual blades to cut the giantess down to size. The robot then charged at Giganta and tried to cut her with one of its blades, but Giganta managed to dodge just in time by, once again, shrinking and then getting behind Professor Shioda's robot before growing back to 75 feet and then ramming into the side of it with her shoulder as the robot tried to turn around and face her, making the Professor's robot fall into a condemned building that was scheduled for demolition. Professor Shioda's robot then knocked over a Space Needle-like building as it got back up to its feet.

Giganta then picked up the Space Needle-like building that Professor Shioda's robot had knocked over earlier in order to use at as a weapon. Thankfully, there were no people inside of it. After Professor Shioda's robot got back up, it then charged at Giganta again, trying to cut her with the blades on its arms, but this time, Giganta blocked the blades with the Space Needle-like building that she was holding.

After blocking the attack, Giganta then countered by striking the robot with the blunt side of the building, knocking the robot back a little. Then, Giganta went on the offensive and struck the robot with the building again, only for the robot to block the strike with one of its blades which caused both the building and the blade to shatter into several pieces from the impact.

With both the building and one of the robot's blades destroyed, Giganta went in for a punch and hit the robot right in the head. knocking it back a little. The robot then tried to use its other blade to cut Giganta with a downward swing, but she managed to dodge it by sidestepping. However, after she avoided the robot's blade, it then kicked her in the stomach, sending Giganta back a little bit, knocking the wind out of her. Giganta quickly recovered, but was still trying to regain the oxygen that was knocked out of her. She continued to stand her ground.

Having created some distance between the two of them, he then switched to using his robot's long range weaponry—a giant gun that was mounted on the robot's right arm, and a flamethrower that was built into the robot's left arm. The Professor then pointed his flamethrower at Giganta.

Giganta realized what the Professor's robot was pointing at her and quickly got out of the way just before the flames of the Professor's flamethrower could hit her by shrinking and running into a small alleyway. Fortunately for her, the flamethrower of Professor Shioda's giant robot seemed to need time to cool down before it could be used again, which was just enough time for her to think of a way to prevent the Professor from using this weapon.

"Okay, so his robot has a flamethrower, but like all flamethrowers, it needs to cool off every time he uses it, so it'll need around two minutes starting now. I'm safe for now, but I have to think of something to keep him from using that flamethrower, and quickly." Giganta thought to herself, holding her chin with her thumb and index finger as she quickly began to think of a plan.

Giganta then figured it out. That's it! All flamethrowers have fuel lines, and since I couldn't see one sticking out of the robot, that means that the fuel line must be in the robot's arm. I just have to open up the robot's left arm and cut the fuel line inside to completely disable it, but I'm going to need something sharp in order to cut my way into the robot's left arm and sever the fuel line. Giganta thought to herself as she used whatever time she had left to look for something that she could use to accomplish her task.

Giganta then spotted a large piece of debris from the abandoned building which was damaged earlier by Professor Shioda's giant robot when he first came out and demanded that she come out and face him.

Giganta then ran out of the alleyway and just in time as the Professor shot his flamethrower into the alleyway. She then made it to the large, sharp piece of debris, grew back to 75 feet tall, and picked it up. The debris was about the size of a bowie knife in her hand.

Giganta then rushed at Professor Shioda's Giant robot which tried to punch her, having to resort to another tactic as the professor waited for the flamethrower to cool down. Giganta dodged the punch, got behind the robot, and then grabbed its left arm, quickly placing the sharp edge of the piece of debris on the robot's elbow joint. She made a downward diagonal cut which, took off a little bit of the robot's elbow joint. The Professor turned his robot around and tried to throw her off, but she managed to break her fall by tumbling and rolling. She quickly retreated into an area with several buildings, making it very difficult, if not impossible, for the Professor to shoot his flamethrower at her directly.

Giganta then picked up some empty, damaged cars in her free hand and threw them in a different direction to trick the Professor into thinking that she was in the area where the sound was coming from. The cars all landed in an open, empty area. The Professor's robot picked up the sound of the thrown cars crashing into the ground, and the Professor turned his giant robot, firing his robot's flamethrower in the direction of the sound, but he only ended up wasting fuel having fired at nothing. Professor Shioda had to wait another two minutes for his robot's flamethrower to cool down, leaving him wide open.

Giganta then snuck up behind the robot and grabbed its left arm, cutting its elbow joint in the same way that she did the first time, taking off a little more of the elbow joint. The Professor then threw Giganta off his robot again, but just like before, she just tumbled and rolled to break her fall and went into an area full of buildings again, but this time, Professor Shioda caught onto her tactic and tried to follow her so that he wouldn't fall for the same trick for a third time in a row.

However, Giganta managed to give the Professor the slip by hiding under a large bridge that was just big enough for her to hide under.

The Professor searched for Giganta around every building that she could possibly use to hide behind, but he did not find her. Giganta then cautiously peered around the bridge that she was hiding under to see that Professor Shioda was looking for her in his giant robot, but was facing away from her hiding place, and had his robot's back turned to her.

Giganta then cautiously reached for the top of the bridge, picked up a car while being careful not to get spotted by Professor Shioda, then carefully snuck up behind the Professor's robot while its back was turned. Professor Shioda then turned his robot around and was met with a car that Giganta had thrown at his robot's head, catching him by surprise, allowing Giganta to quickly get behind his robot again, grab its left arm, and once again cut the robot's elbow joint.

The Professor's robot threw her off once again, but just like the first two times, she tumbled and rolled to break her fall. Professor Shioda became enraged and shot his flamethrower in every direction like a spray, hoping to hit Giganta, but she managed to run away and get out of range of the flames. The Professor continued to fire his flamethrower, but stopped before it overheated and, once again, had to wait for it to cool down.

Giganta then took advantage of the situation and charged at the Professor's robot. She jumped and tackled the robot, knocking it over and landing on top of it. She then quickly put the robot in a crucifix hold, holding the robot's left arm down with both of her arms, the robot's right arm down with her legs. Giganta then used the sharp piece of debris that she was holding like a saw and made a fourth cut to the robot's left elbow joint, which severed the fuel line of the robot's flamethrower.

After cutting the flamethrower's fuel line, Giganta could feel the robot attempting to break free, but it didn't matter because she had accomplished what she needed to do to take the robot's flamethrower out of the fight, so she released the hold and quickly moved out of harm's way.

As the robot got back up, it switched to its gun. The robot raised its right arm and tried to shoot Giganta as it was getting back up, but because it was getting back up to its feet, it wasn't able to aim correctly. Giganta quickly saw the robot try to point its left arm at her and immediately realized what it was. She quickly got out of the way before the robot fired the shot, causing the robot to miss.

Giganta was startled and breathing heavily, but she quickly calmed herself down, and took a brief moment to look around before noticing a large park nearby. She smirked. "Wow. It looks like you can't even hit a stationary target three feet in front of you." She stuck her tongue out to taunt him.

The professor angrily tried to shoot her again, but she ducked and rolled out of the way, landing close to the nearby park. She placed the sharp piece of debris that she was holding in the park, successfully hiding it so that she could reclaim it later. Having moved out of the way, the second shot that the Professor had fired at her ended up hitting a billboard that was right behind Giganta, making a hole in it.

"Grrrr! Just die already!" the Professor shouted angrily.

The professor then fired another shot at Giganta only for her to dodge it by shrinking and then running away, making it harder for the Professor to aim at her. The professor then fired another seven shots at her, but kept missing because she continued to run, and her small height made it even more difficult to hit her. Giganta then grew back to 75 feet tall, quickly grabbed the largest piece of the of the now-destroyed Space Needle-like building, and threw it at Professor Shioda's giant robot, forcing the professor to fire several shots at the large piece of debris that was coming at him, blasting it into small, harmless pieces that showered the [rofessor's robot.

"Well, professor, it looks like it's time to clean up your act," Giganta said, mocking the professor again.

"OH, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!" Professor Shioda shouted, full of rage as he tried to shoot her again, only for her to avoid the shot by, once again, shrinking. She then ran into the large nearby park from earlier where she hid the large sharp piece of debris, the professor firing several shots at her as she did so, but just like before, she was too small to hit, so the Professor only ended up hitting some trees.

Giganta then ran behind an nearby abandoned office building and grew back to 75 feet tall. At her giant size, the building only came up to about her stomach area, just beneath her chest. She picked up the building and threw it at Professor Shioda's giant robot, forcing the professor to once again take aim and shoot down what was coming right at him and his robot.

The professor fired several shots at the building, blasting it to small pieces of debris which showered his giant robot, momentarily distracting him. While the professor was distracted, Giganta picked up the large sharp piece of debris that she used earlier in the fight. She swung it at the gun with all of her might, destroying the debris, and bending the gun barrel so badly that, if Professor Shioda were to try to fire another shot from the gun, it would ricochet inside, which wouldn't end very well for the professor's giant robot.

Giganta then kicked the professor's robot away, creating some distance between them. By the time the professor had realized that the barrel had been bent, it was too late. The Professor pointed his gun and tried to shoot her again, only for the gun to explode due to the bullet having ricocheted inside the gun, leaving the arm intact, although he was only able to move the upper half.

"DAMMIT! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT, YOU OVERSIZED WITCH!" Professor Shioda shouted furiously, having become enraged after losing his robot's gun. Professor Shioda switched to using the only weapon that his giant robot had left—that, of course, being the sword blade in its right arm.

The robot charged at Giganta and tried to cut her, but she managed to dodge it. However, after she dodged the blade, the professor quickly swung his robot's damaged left arm at her, trying to use it like a club. Giganta managed to dodge the arm, but was not able to react in time to another slash of the robot's arm blade, which wounded her upper arm just above the elbow just before she moved a away from the robot.

Professor Shioda then made his giant robot charge at Giganta again and again, trying to cut her with its arm blade only for her to dodge and make her way to the robot's side where she grabbed the robot's damaged left arm and pulled as hard as she could until she ripped it off of the robot. As soon as she ripped the damaged arm off of the professor's robot, it kicked her away, making her drop the arm in the process.

Giganta then quickly tried to get back up to her feet, but only managed to get up to one knee because Professor Shioda's giant robot had rushed in and was trying to stab her with his robot's arm blade, but she managed to grab the arm of the robot with both hands just in time and tried to keep the robot's arm blade from stabbing her. It was a deadly game of reverse tug of war.

"Well, my dear Giganta, it's been fun. You put up good fight, and I am very impressed with your effort, but I'm afraid that this is the part where you die. But, hey; who says that the fun has to end there? Since you made me spend so much of my time fighting against you, I think that I will have a little fun with this city and all of the people in it. It will be one hell of party, but it's just too bad that you won't be around for it. Don't worry. I will give all of the people of this city your regards.

"Oh, and as for that little friend of yours that you mentioned before in our last encounter, well, I don't know who that person is, but if I find out who this friend of yours is, I'll be sure to introduce myself to them and have plenty of fun with them in your absence, so don't worry my dear," Professor Shioda said to Giganta, taunting her.

Giganta became angered after hearing what Professor Shioda had just said to her. "You won't be doing any of that!" she said angrily, her expression becoming one of rage.

Giganta then grew another 25 feet as a result of her anger. As a result, Giganta was able to push, not just the robot's arm blade, but the entire robot back, sending the robot reeling backwards. Giganta, who got back up on her feet, now stood at 100 feet tall, making her slightly bigger then the Professor's giant robot.

"Ha! You think that making yourself just a little bit taller is going to make a difference? I'm still going to cut you down to size, and into little ribbons while I'm at it!" Professor Shioda said aggressively before charging at Giganta.

The professor tried to stab Giganta with his giant robot's arm blade only for Giganta to block the attack and then grab the arm in one smooth motion. She then used the robot's own momentum to pull it down just enough for her to throw her legs over the robot, pull its arm between her legs, and take it down to the ground, putting the robot into an armbar.

Giganta then pulled the robot's arm with all of her strength until she ripped the arm right off of the robot. Giganta then stood back up and dropped the robot's now-severed arm on the ground. Professor Shioda's giant robot lay on the ground, both armless and motionless.

Giganta, who had sustained a bit of damage during the fight, stood with one foot on the chest of the giant robot, once again victorious against Professor Atsuhiko Shioda. "It's all over, Professor Shioda. Now, come out with your hands up, because it's time for you to go back to prison!" Giganta said loudly, a stern expression on her face.

"I don't think so, Giganta, because it's not over yet!" Professor Shioda shouted, his tone one of irritation.

"Oh, really?" Giganta retorted.

"Yes, really. Don't you remember those missiles of mine? Well, you see, here's the thing. The reason why I didn't use them in our fight is because, while I did say that I had missiles, and that I would shoot them at heavily populated areas of the city, I never said that they were in my robot," Professor Shioda said confidently.

"Hold on. What exactly are you trying to say?" Giganta asked seriously.

"It's quite simple. What I'm trying to say, my dear, is that I have two remote controlled missile-launching vehicles parked on the outskirts of the city, armed and ready to fire deadly missiles, and they come equipped with a timer. When it hits zero, the missiles will be launched automatically into the heavily populated areas of the city, and I just started the timer now, which means that you have two choices Giganta.

"Your first choice is to bring me in and send me back to prison, but that will cost you the lives of innocent people in the city. Your second choice is to go to the outskirts of the city and stop the missiles, but that will allow me to escape. So, Giganta what's it going to be? Will you sacrifice the lives of innocent people just to bring me in, or save the people of the city and allow me to escape in the process? It's your choice. Oh, and you might want hurry up and make your choice quickly, because you only have an hour and thirty minutes, starting now," Professor Shioda said confidently, a cocky smile on his face.

After hearing this, Giganta had no choice but to stop the missiles and allow Professor Shioda to escape, but before going off to stop the missiles, Giganta said one last thing to say to Professor Shioda.

"You evil bastard! Next time we meet, I'll make sure that you not only go back behind bars, but stay there!" Giganta said angrily before heading off to the outskirts of the city to stop the missiles, her giant size shaking the ground with every step that she took. Giganta had to walk, because if she ran, the chances of her causing damage to the city would be higher.

Because of this, it took Giganta an hour and twenty five minutes to reach her destination and get to the missile launching vehicles, leaving her with only five minutes left to stop the missiles. She estimated that the two missile-launching vehicles could carry around sixteen missiles, making a total number of thirty two missiles that Giganta had to stop.

Giganta looked around, attempting to come up with a plan. She caught sight of a large nearby mountain with no people on it. Giganta then picked up the two missile-launching vehicles and pointed them at the large empty mountain. The timer then hit zero and the missiles fired from the two vehicles, but the missiles only hit the mountain, only damaging it a little.

After stopping the missiles, Giganta then crushed the two vehicles in her hands, dropped them on the ground, and stepped on the both of them so that they could not be used again. Giganta then headed back to the city, the ground shaking with every step that she took. The city was saved, but while Giganta had gone to stop the missiles, Professor Atsuhiko Shioda had escaped using a hidden escape ship that resembled a jet that launched from his giant robot.

"Mark my words, Giganta; the next time that we meet, I will have my revenge," Professor Shioda said coldly, doing little to hide the anger, hatred and contempt that he was displaying as he escaped, flying back to his secret hideout.

Three hours later...

Yuuko was walking through the hospital and saw that many of the patients who had been evacuated had returned to the hospital. Yuuko saw the doctor whom she had spoken with before. He was looking at some papers on a clipboard. She walked over to ask something very important.

"Excuse me, doctor, but as you can probably remember, I'm the friend of Akihisa Yoshii, and I was hoping that you could tell me if he is OK or not," Yuuko said worriedly.

"Yes, I remember. There is no need to worry. Your friend is OK. While that little spill he took off of his bed did knock him out, it didn't cause any serious damage. Your friend should be back in his bed right now. However I don't know if he has regained consciousness yet. While I was with him, he was still unconscious," the doctor said calmly.

"Would it be OK if I see him?" Yuuko asked, still sounding worried.

"Sure. Go right ahead. He is still in the same room as before," the doctor said, still calm and collected.

"OK. Thank so much," Yuuko said gratefully.

"You're welcome," the doctor said before going back to reading what was on his clipboard.

After Yuuko had arrived at Akihisa's hospital room, she entered and saw that Akihisa was in bed and was still unconscious. She then walked over to Akihisa's hospital bed and ran her hand over his forehead, brushing a lock of his hair away from his face, making him stir in his sleep. He slowly began to open his eyes. Once his eyes had fully opened, he looked around and saw Yuuko standing beside his hospital bed, looking back at him happily, a relieved smile on her face.

"Ah… Yuuko, what happened?" Akihisa asked.

"When the ground violently shook, you fell out of your hospital bed and hit your head on the floor and got knocked out. I put you back in your bed and the doctor from before took care of you," Yuuko informed him.

"Oh, OK, but why was the ground violently shaking to begin with?" Akihisa asked, completely confused.

"Oh. Well, believe it or not, that crazy mad scientist guy, Professor Atsuhiko Shioda, escaped from prison and went on rampage in a giant robot to draw out Giganta because he wanted revenge, but thankfully, Giganta stopped him," Yuuko explained, a bright smile on her face.

"Oh, OK. So, does that mean that Giganta sent Professor Atsuhiko Shioda back to prison?" Akihisa asked curiously.

"Unfortunately, no. He got away in an escape ship that he had launched from his giant robot to avoid capture, but don't worry. As long as Giganta is around to save the day, Professor Atsuhiko Shioda and other people just like him will always be brought to justice," Yuuko reassured him.

"Yeah, you're right. At least she stopped him from leveling the city and hurting innocent people, so let's just be glad THAT he's gone for now. Damn. It looks like I missed one hell of a fight," Akihisa said, his left hand on the back of his head.

"So, Yuuko, where were you when all of this was happening?" Akihisa asked, worried, but at the same time, curious.

"Oh. I was evacuated to a safe zone along with all of the other civilians," Yuuko said with a straight face, attempting to sound calm to avoid suspicion. "Why do you ask, Akihisa?" she asked curiously.

"Oh. Well, I asked because I was worried about you," Akihisa asked kindly, a small smile on his face.

"It's OK, Akihisa, but you should be more worried about yourself right now. I mean, what if something were to happen to you?" Yuuko asked worriedly.

"I know, but I worry about those I care deeply about more than I worry about myself," Akihisa said kindly, the smile never leaving his face.

"Oh, Akihisa. Why do you have to be such a sweetheart?" Yuuko asked. She looked away from him for a moment before turning back to him, allowing him to see the blush on her face.

"I don't know. I guess that's just how I am. By the way, Yuuko, you're very cute when you're blushing," Akihisa said nervously.

"Oh… Um… Well, thank you, Akihisa. You are very sweet," Yuuko said shyly, still blushing.

"Oh. Well, thank you, Yuuko. I think that you are very sweet, too," Akihisa said, beginning to blush, too. The two of them then looked at each other in a brief moment of silence before speaking to each other again.

"Well, it's starting to get late, so I should probably head home, now. I guess I'll see you later, Akihisa," Yuuko said, the blush never leaving her face.

"Oh, yeah. Of course. See you later, Yuuko," Akihisa said before Yuuko left his room.

Time skip…

It had been a month and a half and all of Akihisa's injuries had fully healed. He was being discharged from the hospital. Yuuko, who had arrived earlier that day to walk Akihisa out of the hospital, was having a friendly conversation with him.

"Hey, Yuuko, thanks again for walking me out of the hospital, and also for bringing me my school work and homework," Akihisa said cheerfully, smiling as they made their way out of the hospital.

"You're welcome, Akihisa and it's nothing, really. I'm just glad that you are OK and can finally leave the hospital," Yuuko said happily, winking at him as they kept walking.

"Well, it's something to me, and I want to thank you for everything that you've done for me, Yuuko, and before you say anything, I insist, and I won't take no for an answer," Akihisa said nervously, but not without a smile on his face as he rubbed the back of his head, his face having gone bright red.

"Oh, OK. Well, if you insist, then I guess I might as well accept the offer. So, if you don't mind me asking, how do you want to thank me, exactly?" Yuuko asked curiously, her nerves getting the better of her as she, too, began to blush.

"Oh, I was thinking that we could maybe hang out, just the two of us, and I could treat you to whatever you want," Akihisa said nervously.

"Wait! You mean like a date?!" Yuuko asked, surprised.

"WHAT?! No! I didn't mean it like that! I mean, I'm not saying that we should go out on dates together—I mean, unless you want to and you want to call my way of thanking you a date. I have no problems with us going out on a date if you don't have any problems," Akihisa said, frantically, his face turning redder with embarrassment.

Yuuko blushed and remained silent for a brief moment before responding.

"OK. I'll go out with you, Akihisa. There's no need for you to be so nervous, but let's keep this date between us. After all, we don't want certain people to find out, if you know what I mean," Yuuko said, her blush deepening.

Akihisa then put his hand on his chin and took a brief moment to think before responding, his blush disappearing.

"Oh. You mean Minami, Mizuki, your brother, and the FFF, right?" Akihisa asked curiously.

"Right. So, when do you want to go out?" Yuuko asked curiously, still blushing.

"Oh. Well, how about next Saturday in the early afternoon?" Akihisa asked, smiling, his blush reappearing as he spoke.

"That's perfect. Well, I guess I will see you later at school until, then," Yuuko said, smiling.

"Oh. OK. Yeah. See you later, Yuuko," Akihisa said happily, smiling and blushing. They both went their separate ways.


Back at the hideout of Professor Atsuhiko Shioda…

"Damn you, Giganta. I swear that, one day, I will have my revenge!" Professor Shioda ranted to himself before checking his computer.

He looked at his computer's recent history and saw that someone had used his computer to do some online shopping. He then started to yell at his henchman, his voice irritated.

"Dammit! How many times do I have to tell you not to mess with my computer?! Honestly, it's like I you're a child who doesn't listen!" Professor Shioda yelled, his henchman apologizing for using the professor's computer while he was still in prison.
Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita chapter 4
Yuuko Kinoshita was just an ordinary second year high school student who had her life all planned out until a school field trip visit to a museum changed it all for her and changed her life forever. Now given the power to grow to giant size, she now finds herself saving the day as the giant female warrior and hero Giganta while falling for a certain ultimate Baka!

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(Third person P.O.V.)

It had been a week since Giganta had stopped Professor Atsuhiko Shioda, and at Fumizuki Academy, all nine of Akihisa's friends from both Class F and Class A had been called by their homeroom teachers, Mr. Nishimura, aka Iron Man, and Ms. Takahashi to come to the principal's office to talk about something involving their friend, Akihisa. Once they had all arrived, they all found themselves looking at the two counselors and homeroom teachers of Class A and Class F, and the principal of their school, Kaoru Toudou.

"All right, then. You all probably know why you've been called here, and if not, then I will tell you," the principal said in her normal sour tone of voice.

"As you are already aware, your friend, Akihisa Yoshii, was badly injured when those two earthquakes happened during the school field trip to The World History and Paleontology Museum last week and, as such, has to spend four months in the hospital in order to recover and let his injuries heal, so he will be absent from school during this time. To make sure that he doesn't fall behind, we have spoken with one of the doctors at the hospital and worked out a deal," the principal said, her expression almost one of boredom.

"Wait. What kind of deal, and what does that have to do with all of us?" Yuuji asked suspiciously.

"Well, the deal is that we have to send someone to the hospital to deliver Akihisa his schoolwork, and also to be his tutor so that he doesn't fall behind. As for what that has to do with all of you, we need someone to volunteer to go to the hospital, and not only bring Akihisa his school work, but also to tutor him. So, do any of you want to volunteer to do it?" the principal asked, still sounding bored, yet somewhat curious.

"Yes. I would like to volunteer, please," Mizuki said joyfully, light dancing in her eyes like stars.

"Me, too. I'll volunteer, as well," Minami said happily, her reaction no different from Mizuki's.

"I would also like to volunteer, please," Yuuko said, her expression straight and her voice monotone.

Both Minami and Mizuki quickly went from being filled with joy to almost shaking with anger and hatred, but they both made sure not to show it to avoid making a scene, especially since they were in the principal's office.

"OK. So, what about the rest of you? Do any of you remaining students want to volunteer?" Mr. Nishimura asked.

Everyone else declined and explained their reasons for not being able to volunteer, or simply not wanting to, except for Kubo who was blushing and trying to work up the courage to speak up and say that he also wanted to volunteer, but couldn't because he was thinking about spending time alone with Akihisa, which was driving him crazy.

"All right, then. It's settled. You three will go to the hospital every day, both after school and on the weekends, to bring Akihisa his schoolwork and also to tutor him for the next four months until he has fully recovered and is able to return to school," the principal said to all three girls. "Now, with that being said, you all may go now."

All nine students were then led out of the principal's office by the two teachers. Kubo, however, was the last one to leave as he let out a dejected sigh with a disappointed expression on his face, silently crying because he missed his opportunity to spend time with Akihisa.

The rest of the day had gone by relatively smoothly as the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Minami and Mizuki had left, as well, having gone to the hospital to bring Akihisa his schoolwork and to tutor him, but they were momentarily shocked, and then filled with anger and hatred when they both entered Akihisa's hospital room to see that Yuuko had arrived before them and was talking with Akihisa, but she stopped the moment both Minami and Mizuki walked into the room.

"Why the hell are you here?!" Minami asked angrily.

"I volunteered to bring Akihisa his schoolwork and to tutor him just like the both of you, don't you remember?" Yuuko said calmly, yet sternly, her eyes narrowing.

"Oh, we didn't forget. We just weren't expecting you to show up, seeing how it's your fault Akihisa is here in the first place!" Mizuki said coldly.

"Oh, so we're back to pointing fingers and accusations again, are we? Well, for your information, we've already been over this. Akihisa is the one who convinced me to sneak off with him, and when he got hurt, I helped him, because that is what friends do for each other, and because I'm Akihisa's friend, I am going to help him again by bringing him his schoolwork and tutoring him, and I am going to do those things whether you two like it or not," Yuuko said calmly, her arms crossed as she stared the two girls down.

"That may be so, but at least we never acted like stuck-up little bitches who believed that everyone was beneath us like you little, Miss Battle Axe Bitch!" Minami said angrily, hatred and anger in her eyes.

Yuuko took a moment to calm herself before speaking again.

"Yes, I was stuck up, but as you don't seem to have learned, I grew and changed, and now I'm a new person who cares about my friends, unlike you two who remained as girls who constantly beat up Akihisa simply because he won't date either of you!" Yuuko said sternly, not taking her eyes off of the other two girls.

Minami growled as she said, "You wanna go bitch?!"

Then, Mizuki spoke as well. "Yes. I agree. I think that we would be doing Hideyoshi a favor by making him an only child!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH, ALREADY, DAMMIT!" Akihisa shouted angrily and impatiently. "Do we need to go over this again?! I have already told you two not to judge Yuuko, and that she is not to blame for what happened to me, so if you two want to be angry about something, then be angry at yourselves for not being there to help like Yuuko was.

"Also, you two are supposed to come here with Yuuko to bring me my schoolwork and to help me study while I recover, not to fight with her, and if you two can't get that through your heads, then maybe I'm not the biggest idiot in our school, and you can both can get the hell out of my hospital room and never come back," Akihisa said, dead serious, finally catching his breath from the scolding that he had just given.

Once again, both Minami and Mizuki were in complete shock after hearing how Akihisa had spoken to them. It was silent in Akihisa's hospital room for at least two and a half minutes before Akihisa broke the silence and spoke again.

"All right, then. Now that that is settled, can you three please help me with studying now?" Akihisa asked tiredly, sighing.

"Yes, of course. Let's get started. Also, sorry about that, Akihisa. I didn't mean to stress you out like that," Yuuko said guiltily, somewhat embarrassed as she scratched the back of her head.

"Don't worry about it. It's fine. So, what about you two? Are you both going to help me study, as well, or are you both just going to stand there all day?" Akihisa asked Minami and Mizuki impatiently.

"Yes," Mizuki quickly said. Minami silently nodded in agreement as the two girls went over to help Akihisa study, and hopefully try to get along with Yuuko while they did so. The three girls then began to help Akihisa with his studies, helping him as best as they could, the one helping him the most being Yuuko due to being one of the top students in Year 2 Class A. This earned her death glares from both Minami and Mizuki when Akihisa wasn't looking.

Time skip…

It had been two and a half months. Yuuko, Minami and Mizuki had been bringing Akihisa his schoolwork and tutoring him and during this time. Akihisa had recovered just enough to walk with crutches, because while his arm and shoulder, as well as a few of his ribs, had fully recovered, some of his ribs were still healing, as well as his knee and ankle, but according to the doctors, it would only take another month and a half for him to fully recover, and then leave the hospital and go back to school.

(Akihisa's P.O.V.)

It was nice to finally be able to get out of my hospital bed and to move around every now and then, and I would soon be able to leave and go back to school. It was also nice to see that Yuuko, Minami and Mizuki had not been fighting for a long time.

One of the nurses told me that Yuuko was going to come early that day, so I asked the nurse if she could tell Yuuko that I would be in the hospital's large outdoor garden area, and she told me that she would inform Yuuko when she arrived.

I had soon arrived at the garden area without any trouble, and in a short amount of time despite the fact that some of my injuries had not fully healed. It was nice day. The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and not only that, but it was a Saturday, so I didn't have to worry about doing a lot of schoolwork that would be brought to me. I then found a bench and sat down, just enjoying being outside and on such a nice day as I waited for Yuuko and, later, Minami and Mizuki to arrive.

(Third person P.O.V.)

Yuuko had gotten up early. She changed her clothes, ate breakfast and had made her way to the hospital to help Akihisa with his studies, and maybe talk with him for a little bit. When Yuuko finally arrived and checked in at the front desk, one of the nurses told her that Akihisa was waiting for her in the outdoor garden area. She then thanked the nurse and headed to the outside where Akihisa was waiting for her. She spotted Akihisa sitting at a bench, and then called out to him.

"Hey, Akihisa!" Yuuko called loudly. Akihisa then turned around and saw Yuuko.

He motioned for her to come over. "Hey, Yuuko! You're here! Come on over and sit with me!" Akihisa said loudly. Yuuko walked over to the bench and sat next to Akihisa before starting to talk.

"So, Akihisa, is there any news regarding your recovery?" Yuuko asked cheerfully, a smile on her face.

"Actually, yes. The doctors told me that I only have a month and a half of physical recovery left to do, and then I can go back to school," Akihisa said in a joyfully, a smile on his face.

"Really? That's great to hear. Oh, and I almost forgot to ask; Akihisa, have you been watching the news while you've been here in the hospital?" Yuuko asked curiously.

"Yes, I have. Why do you ask? Akihisa asked, now curious, himself.

"Well, I just wanted to know if you saw the news about what happened when the earthquakes hit, and what caused them. Apparently, some mad scientist named Professor Atsuhiko Shioda sent out a lot of robots disguised as human beings filled with powerful explosives into all of the first floors and basements of the nearby buildings and skyscrapers, as well as around the outside.

"They blew up and caused all of the large nearby buildings and skyscrapers in that area to collapse in order to cause those earthquakes and mass panic to make it easier for him and his hired goons to rob all of the nearby banks. They were using these giant scorpion robots armed with missiles, flamethrowers and miniguns to fight off anyone and everyone who tried to stop them, according to the news report," Yuuko said.

"Yeah. I remember that from the news reports, and one thing I can't believe actually happened was that he and the guys working for him were all stopped by this female giant named Giganta. It was amazing," Akihisa said in awe, a smile on his face.

"Yeah. She was pretty amazing. I mean, if she stopped that guy and his henchmen, that means that she must be some kind of super hero, and I'm going to be honest with you Akihisa. I think that Giganta is pretty cool. But, what about you? What do you think of Giganta, Akihisa?" Yuuko asked curiously, a smile on her face.

"Well, to be honest with you, Yuuko, I think the same thing. She is so cool, and it's great that she stopped that Professor Shioda guy. I mean, if she didn't, who knows how many more innocent people he would have hurt, or worse, am I right?" Akihisa asked.

"Yeah. I know. It's a good thing that she stopped him and handed him over to the police. So, Akihisa, would you ever want to meet Giganta? I'm just asking out of curiosity, here, but would you?" Yuuko asked.

"Yeah, I guess, but only to tell her how cool she is," Akihisa replied, a smile on his face. "So, Yuuko, how have you been?" Akihisa asked enthusiastically.

"Oh, I've been doing well, thanks for asking," Yuuko replied.

"You're welcome, and how have things been at our school?" Akihisa asked curiously.

"Well, things have been pretty much the same, even without you, and no classes have declared any wars on the other classes yet," Yuuko informed him.

"Oh. OK. Well, that's good to hear, I guess, but you know, it's kind of funny. I can't stop thinking about the things that have happened in the past between us. I mean, I would never have expected someone like you, a Class A student, to ever become friends with someone like me, who's not just a Class F student, but the biggest idiot in our school," Akihisa said with a bittersweet smile, his tone almost laidback.

"Yeah, I know. I can hardly believe it, myself, and yet here we are. I guess I completely forgot the old saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover,' am I right?" Yuuko asked sheepishly, winking at Akihisa.

"Yeah. I guess you're right, and ever since we both became friends with each other, we've gotten to do some pretty fun things together, like that time you came over to my place to help me with my studying and we both ended up playing video games together," Akihisa said sheepishly, winking at Yuuko with a smile as he scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, yeah. I remember that, and don't forget you still owe me a rematch. I still need to win 72 more times to finally beat you," Yuuko said cheerfully, a smile on her face.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry. I didn't forget," Akihisa said with a sigh. He had hoped that Yuuko didn't remember that.

The two then started to talk, laugh and reminisce about the past. Then, Yuuko decided that it was perhaps time to talk about something important for just a little bit.

"Hey, Akihisa, can I ask you something?" Yuuko asked nervously.

"Sure, Yuuko, what is it?" Akihisa replied.

"Well, I just wanted to know what do you think of me?" Yuuko asked shyly.

"Oh. Well, I would say that you are a kind-hearted and caring person. Not only that but you are also smart, talented, athletic, and above all else, you are also very pretty and cute," Akihisa said honestly.

"Oh. I see. Well, thank you so much for your honesty, Akihisa, but could you also tell me what you thought of me before we became friends, please?" Yuuko asked nervously.

"Oh. Well, I'm going to be completely honest with you, Yuuko. Back before we became friends, I didn't know what to think of you. The thought never really crossed my mind. I was too busy thinking about a lot of other things, like the class wars, and I didn't really have any opinions regarding you on a personal level," Akihisa said honestly.

"So, does that mean that you never once thought of me as a bad or horrible person, even after how I treated you and everyone else in Class F?" Yuuko asked nervously.

"Well, like I said before, I never really thought about it, so I don't really know," Akihisa replied, still using the same tone of voice.

"Oh. OK. Well, that's a huge relief to hear," Yuuko said, relaxing slightly.

"Oh. By the way, Yuuko, I almost forgot to thank you for carrying me out of the museum and getting help," Akihisa said gratefully, a soft smile on his face.

"Oh. You're welcome, Akihisa. I'm just glad that you're OK," Yuuko said softly, a smile on her face.

"Oh. By the way, Akihisa, you just reminded me of something that I almost forgot to tell you. Thank you so much for saving me back at the museum, and also for defending me when both Minami and Mizuki were saying all those things about me," Yuuko said gratefully.

"You're welcome, Yuuko. I mean, I can't believe that both Minami and Mizuki would both behave like that towards you instead being grateful that you helped me. Besides you did help me at museum, so defending was the least I could do to show my gratitude. Plus, it was the right thing to do." Akihisa reassured Yuuko, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Yuuko stood up. "So, Akihisa, would it be OK if I gave you something to show my gratitude?" Yuuko asked, a slight blush on her face.

"Sure, but what is it that you want to give me?" Akihisa asked, a little confused.

"Here. I'll show you," Yuuko said as she leaned in and gave Akihisa a kiss on the cheek.

However, what both Akihisa and Yuuko didn't notice was that Minami and Mizuki had just arrived and had seen Yuuko kissing Akihisa on the cheek. The two jealous girls finally snapped. Both Minami and Mizuki screamed in pure rage as they charged at Yuuko and Akihisa. Minami had Akihisa pinned down and tried to break the arm that didn't get injured while Mizuki had charged in and punched Yuuko in the face, but Yuuko quickly recovered and started to fight back, not just trying to protect herself, but also trying to defend Akihisa.

She grabbed Mizuki by the hair and punched her in the face before pulling Mizuki's head down and delivering a hard knee strike to her face, sending her reeling back, and then she kicked Minami in the head and knocked her off of Akihisa. She then continued to fight, holding her own against the two other girls. The fight lasted for at least two and a half minutes before the doctor from before along with some hospital security staff arrived and stopped the fight, removing both Minami and Mizuki from the premises.

Meanwhile, in a maximum security prison, Professor Atsuhiko Shioda was in his prison cell, speaking into a small ear piece that he managed to sneak into the prison and keep hidden from the guards. The person that the professor was speaking to through the small earpiece was a henchman who did not participate in the failed bank heist and therefore was not captured by Giganta and handed over to the police.

"All right, then. Today is the day that I get out of this wretched prison with your help. You know what to do," the professor said.

"Yes, Professor. Right away. I will be there shortly," the henchman replied before both men turned off their ear piece communicators, the professor then took his ear piece out of his ear and then hid it again so that the guards wouldn't see and find it or catch him with it.

Time passed and a stealth helicopter landed miles away from the maximum security prison. The professor's henchman exited the helicopter and got just close enough to the prison to remain hidden. The henchman wore tan combat boots, green pants, a black turtleneck shirt and matching black bullet proof vest, and black leather gloves. His face was hidden by a green balaclava. He then opened a large box that he had been carrying and, with a remote control, sent hundreds of robot spiders into the prison where they were all carefully positioned in various parts of the prison while one spider stole the keys to Professor Shioda's prison cell and brought them to him. The Professor then took out his hidden ear piece and once again spoke to his henchman who was outside of the prison.

"All right, Professor. Can you hear me?" the henchman asked.

"Yes, I can hear you. Is everything ready?" the Professor asked.

"Yes, sir. Everything is ready. The robots are all in position," the henchman said.

"Very good. All right. You know what to do, so do it now," the Professor ordered.

"Yes, sir," the henchman said.

The henchman then pressed a button on his remote control, causing all of the spider robots in the prison to explode, injuring all of the guards. Untroubled by the guards, the professor then headed out of and away from the prison in the direction that his henchman told him to go in. The two then met up at the location. The two men then proceeded to enter the helicopter, started it up, and flew away from the area, back to Professor Shioda's hideout and base of operations.

After arriving at the hideout, Professor Shioda then changed out of his prison clothes and back into his normal clothes. Then, he headed into his lab, which was filled with machinery. The professor started to think out loud to himself.

"Like I said before, Giganta, I will get my revenge," the professor said to himself, remembering his humiliating defeat and capture at the hands of Giganta.

Back at the hospital, in Akihisa's room, Yuuko and Akihisa, who was in his bed, were both speaking to the doctor that they both had met before, and whom, along with the hospital security staff, helped to put an end to Minami and Mizuki's aggravated assault on the two of them. Both Yuuko and Akihisa sustained little to no damage. Yuuko only had a sore cheek which stung slightly as she had been punched in the face by Mizuki. Akihisa had a few small cuts and bruises and a sore arm due to Minami trying to break it, but thankfully, because of Yuuko, Akihisa's arm did not get broken.

"All right, then. Are you two sure that you are both are OK?" the doctor asked them, feeling concerned for their physical wellbeing.

"Yes, we're both OK, doctor. Minami and Mizuki didn't do much damage thanks to you and those security guards stepping in and putting an end to that little ordeal," Yuuko said to the doctor, reassuring him.

"OK. Well, you won't have to worry about those two girls coming back and trying that again, because they are now restricted and are no longer allowed to visit you here in the hospital.

"Thank you so much, doctor. We both appreciate it very much," Akihisa said gratefully.

"All right, then. I will leave you two alone for now, but if either of you need anything, please feel free to ask me, OK?" the doctor said before leaving Akihisa's hospital room.

A while after the doctor had left, both Yuuko and Akihisa were trying to think about what had happened with Minami and Mizuki, and were about to talk about it, but they did not get the chance to as the ground shook violently for around five seconds, making Akihisa fall out of his hospital bed and hit his head hard on the floor, knocking him out. After the brief shaking, Yuuko picked Akihisa up and put him back into his hospital bed, after which the doctor came back into the room to check on them both to see if they were OK.

"Are you two OK?" the doctor asked, clearly worried about their safety.

"I'm fine, Doctor, but Akihisa fell out of his hospital bed and hit his head on the floor. He got knocked out, so I put him back into his hospital bed. I was just about to look for you," Yuuko worriedly informed the doctor.

"OK. Don't worry. I will check to see if your friend has any head trauma, but in the meantime, I suggest you wait outside in the waiting room," the doctor said to Yuuko.

"OK, but please take care of him," Yuuko said worriedly.

"Don't worry. I will, but right now, you need to go outside. Go to the waiting room and wait, OK?" the doctor said reassuringly, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Yuuko nodded and went on her way. She entered the waiting room and sat down, waiting patiently. Then she noticed a news report on the TV, but the volume was too low, so she asked one of the nearby nurses if she could turn up the volume so that she could hear what the news report was saying. After the nurse turned up the volume on TV, Yuuko began to watch the report carefully.

"As you can see, the situation is quite serious. The police and the JSDF are unable to stop the giant robot that is rampaging throughout the city. All civilians in the area, and also in the greater city area, have been evacuated. The giant robot has been confirmed to be piloted by the escaped criminal Professor Atsuhiko Shioda, who had broken out of prison earlier today, and is now demanding that the female giant and heroine Giganta, who had stopped him before, come out and face him.

"Oh. Wait. Hold on. I've just received word that if Giganta does not face Professor Atsuhiko Shioda, he will fire missiles at heavily populated buildings and areas for every hour that passes if Giganta does not show up starting now."


"Grrrrr… How dare that Hideyoshi lookalike wannabe bitch steal a kiss from Aki!" Minami said, her voice full of hatred.

"Yes. How dare she put her filthy skank lips on Akihisa's cheek," Mizuki said angrily.

"I say we teach that stuck up little tramp a lesson about what happens when you try to steal something from us," Minami said, ready to claim first blood.

"Yes. Let's teach her a lesson, and let's make it a painful one," Mizuki said maliciously.
Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita chapter 3
Yuuko Kinoshita was just an ordinary second year high school student who had her life all planned out until a school field trip visit to a museum changed it all for her and changed her life forever. Now given the power to grow to giant size, she now finds herself saving the day as the giant female warrior and hero Giganta while falling for a certain ultimate Baka!



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